About us

ByteSize offers friendly and professional Microsoft training and administrational services to companies and individuals wherever there is a need. ByteSize has been trading in the UK since September 2002, became incorporated in May 2008.

The principle is a Certified Training Practitioner, Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Microsoft Office Master Instructor.

ByteSize aims to provide professional training in a relaxed atmosphere, improving user’s skills and giving them the confidence to use their PC/laptop more effectively. We also aim to assist companies wherever possible with any administrational requirements they might have and that they do not want to employ an individual to do.

We look forward to making the world a better place for computer users!!

Denise McLaughlin – Training Director

We also offer an editing service for videos using Camtasia, proofreading for many types of publications and online (TEFL) Teaching English as a Foreign Language lessons.

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